The Majestic Parrot has baby Green-cheek Conures now available for deposits!!! Deposits can be paid on our website: PayPal, credit card, interact-e transfer, etc.
1. SOLD Green Cheek conure
2. SOLD Green Cheek conure
3. Green cheek conure (available for deposit)
4. Green cheek conure (available for deposit)
5. Green cheek conure (available for deposit)

Website is posted to your right (top) for more info, pictures, etc. Under posters contact infomation.

We do free delivery of your baby within Edmonton, St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, etc (just contact us to confirm).
Each baby comes with:Hatch certificate
Bag of seed mixture & Pellets (to help transition the baby)
Info package on food, training, bonding, and how to care for your baby
Free Delivery (edmonton and area - some restrictions apply)
Website & email support from "The Majestic Parrot"
All our parrots & babies are feed an extensive variety of diet (fresh fruit and veggies, seed, pellet, and sprouted), given supplements, and receive 10-12/hrs min of UVA/UVB light (balances hormones, provides vitamin D, and ensures healthy baby developement).
Please note: NONE of our babies are shipped in from mass producers in other states/provinces like others selling on here - they are all hand raised in our loving home and are our family members not caged breeding stock. We have nothing to do with the people from calgary or thier babies being shipped in from out of province.